7 September 2022

New Swizzels Marvellous Mallows Drumstick (A Taste of the States) By @SpectreUK

Swizzels Marvellous Mallows Drumstick

I haven't had marshmallows for ages. I haven't cooked them over an open fire for even longer. I don't particularly like to eat them that way anyway, but there's something romantic about doing it I suppose. I chose to eat these New Swizzels Marvellous Mallows Drumstick, Raspberry and Milk flavour marshmallows as is whilst watching a Star Wars movie.

On opening the packet you can see from the photograph the contents of these Swizzels Marvellous Mallows Drumstick marshmallows had a two-tone colour scheme. There was a raspberry and milk aroma from the marshmallows. They smelt of the original Drumsticks that I used to enjoy as a child, and I haven't seen them for years. They had a kind of sugary coating on the outside which was pretty tasty, and they were soft and fluffy in texture.

Swizzels Marvellous Mallows Drumstick

These Swizzels Marvellous Mallows Drumstick marshmallows did taste of raspberry and milk Drumsticks, and they were really really good. Milky and creamy in flavour to start with and then the sweet raspberry flavour built up during eating. They took me right back to those old days were I used to have one or a few Drumsticks on the way back from school. These marshmallows made me smile and made me feel young again at least for a little while, which is what sweets should be all about, don't you think?

Information on the packet; 110g bag with 336kcal per 100g, at 0g of fat, 67g of sugar, and 0.03g of salt. Ingredients included; Glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, dextrose, gelatine, flavouring, colour beetroot red.

Swizzels Marvellous Mallows Drumstick

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