26 September 2022

Loin of Pork Roast and Sausages (Swaledale Online Butchers) By @cinabar

Swaledale Online Butchers

The very lovely folks at Swaledale asked if we wanted to try out their website and purchase some goodies from the Swaledale Online Butchers. I have to admit this is the first time I’ve used an online butcher, I wasn’t sure how the process would work. Certainly, around where I live, we don’t have access to a butcher with a good selection, just the usual supermarket variety. Swaledale meats are native breed and they pride themselves on their techniques.

I had a browse through their website and picked out some nice meats to try. My favourite roast is pork, especially with nice crunchy crackling, so I picked the Loin of Pork Roast. My mum is from Yorkshire so I also went with the Yorkshire Breakfast Sausages. 

They arrived the next day and were packed and chilled, so I knew they were still fresh. To start with, we tried the sausages and had them for dinner rather than breakfast, but I think that is okay. Firstly, these sausages are so much bigger than the branded ones from the supermarket, they felt like a proper treat. Even from the aroma of cooking I could tell they would be good. These have a lovely meaty flavour, and they have perfect seasoning too. The flavour of the pork is just so rich and juicy. These sausages were the star, each bite was mouthwateringly good.

For our next meal, we had the Loin of Pork Roast. This is rolled pork with no bone and perfect for crackling. 

A couple of hours before cooking, I rubbed salt all over the skin and left it in the fridge. Just before roasting, wipe off all the salt, rub in some oil and sprinkle some more salt on. Cook the pork for the recommended time for the weight, but for the last five minutes or so increase the heat and watch that beautiful crackling form.

The meat was perfectly tender and carved beautifully into slices. The crackling too came easily from the roast. The pork was perfect, so full of flavour, despite not having much in the way of seasoning on it, it managed to hold out on its own. We had it with apple sauce and gravy and were practically licking the plates clean.

I am converted to the idea of an online butchers and will certainly be having a look to see what other meats they do. I will happily trust them with my Christmas roast too, and perhaps a few other treats when the season comes.

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