25 October 2008

Monster Munch vs Monster Munch

Monster Munch Baked vs Monster Munch Old

This could get confusing. This is a taste comparison of the old but now new Monster Munch vs the new but now old Monster Munch...

Old New - VS - New Old
Everybody with me so far?

Walkers re-introduced the Monster Munch from the 70s and 80s which is bigger (both in terms of snack size and packet size) and has the old style characters. Let’s call this Monster Munch Retro.

Still available though is the more modern smaller style, available in multi-packs, lets call this Monster Munch Small.

Retro - VS - Small

Two packets of Monster Munch in pickled onion flavour were purchased... And a Monster Munch expert was hired, (his anonymity is being kept to protect him from potential fans, think of him like you would the Stig, but call him Spectre!).

The packets were tested and re-tested by the expert who assured me there were obvious taste differences. Just to be certain of both the expert’s skills and taste buds, a blind test also took place. (Using smaller broken pieces, so as not to give anything away from the size). I can report that the expert could successfully tell the difference and passed the test.

And now the results are in...

The expert stated that the Small Monster Munch had more flavour and were tastier, but that the Monster Munch Retro did have the better crunch. If pushed for an over all winner, Monster Munch Small won the day! An unexpected result!

The expert then finished off both bags... What a trooper!


Anonymous said...

Retro Monster Munch!?!?! Do you have any idea if Walkers are releasing, or planning to release, a Beef retro version as well?
As they original beef monster munch were one of the greatest crisps ever made (the newer ones are also superb but dont hold up to the stunningness of the old school ones)

cinabar said...

Yes, Walkers have re-introduced Beef!!!

In fact they re-introduced three flavours:
Roast Beef, Pickled Onion and Flamin' Hot.

I have looked, but haven't yet found the new beef ones. When I do I will let you know where I got them, and hire the Stig for his opinion too!

Anonymous said...

Stig who? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi There
I am the marketing manager for Walkers Monster Munch and just noticed the comment about Roast Beef. I hope you don't mind me commenting but wanted to help your readers in their search for the Retro version of Roast Beef!!

You can find them mainly in good corner shops / newsagents - if not - get them to buy some in!! Alternatively, Morrisons sell a larger 85g sharing sized bag - they're in store now. Happy Munching....

cinabar said...

Thank you for the tip on where to find them, I shall try and seek them out!

Hope you like the blog ;-)

Katie said...

This is exciting news! Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!