11 February 2009

Milka Strawberry Yoghurt

Milka chocolate is the greatest isn’t it? It’s just wonderful stuff. It is really nice to find this brand becoming more and more available in the UK. Although I have to admit I have been unable to find this particular variety myself, it was sent to me by a very nice person from an import shop down London way.
The bar consists of thick Milka chocolate with a creamy strawberry yoghurt filling. The centre also has a slightly sharp edge due to some strawberry ‘bits’, which are like small crunchy sweet crystals. The strawberry yoghurt compliments the luscious Milka and makes for a rather lovely bar.


Unknown said...

Just got back from Austria and already given away/eaten all my various Milka Bars.... any idea where about you can but Milka in London?

cinabar said...

Some of the more basic flavours like Caramel and Hazlenut can be bought at Waitrose or Sainsburys. To find the more stranger flavours they can sometimes be found in pound shops, or there are some websites selling them such as http://dean-german-grocery.com/ but I have never bought any online so can't really vouch for the site - sorry. Good luck in your search though!