25 February 2009

Polo Mint O Fruit (The 99p Store)

When I first saw these I was sure that they were the clear fruit Polo sweets I know that I have had before, but I was very wrong. Opening the first individually packed sweet I soon realised that they were in fact opaque in colour and not just fruit flavoured, but mint and fruit flavoured.
  • Lime Mint – This tasted almost exactly like a Citrus and Honey Strepsil throat sweet.
  • Strawberry Mint – Better than the lime flavour as they were sweeter, but not enough strawberry for my liking.
  • Cherry Mint – This one you could tell it was cherry flavoured at least, but it was reminiscent of a Cherry Tune.
  • Blackcurrant Mint – My favourite of the selection as it had a good blackcurrant flavour, with just a hint of mint. I wish that the other flavours had focussed on the fruit and just included a gentle hint of mint.
Polo seemed to have mastered the flavour of making the sweets taste of menthol, even though there is no menthol present. The problem with them is that I associate that kind of fruit and strong minty menthol flavours with throat sweets. A strange combination, but it was fun to give them a try. Yet again I would like to say thank you to that very nice man from the NTSC-UK forum who sent me them.

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  1. Where were these from? Do you know if they still sell them?


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