18 February 2009

Cadbury's Cherry Ripe Double Dipped with 70% Cocoa (Australia Via Cybercandy)

This is another Australian treasure from my gift box from Cybercandy. I was surprised to see that is made by Cadburys, a firm originating in Birmingham but making bars for the Australian’s that I have never seen before.
The bar is ‘double dipped’ in 70% cocoa, which means that the dark chocolate is twice as thick as a regular bar. I broke a piece off and discovered that the inside of the bar was deep red, this combined with the name made me expect a strong hit of cherries when I bit in. However the flavour was mostly coconut, with a gentle undertone of cherries. The dark chocolate compliments the sweet coconut filling and the whole bar is very nice, the flavours work very well and the bar has a grown up feel about it.

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