23 February 2009

Birds Eye - Original Arctic Roll (Sainsbury’s)

This isn’t so much a new product as a re-launch of a retro one. The day that Birds Eye ceased production of this fine dessert was a dark one, but I forgive them now as they have come to their senses.
It is such a simple idea; vanilla ice cream, a swirl of raspberry jam and a layer of vanilla sponge. Good basic flavours which when put together make up a wonderful traditional British dessert.
According to the Birds Eye website, they have also launched a Chocolate Arctic Roll, and I really can’t wait to get my hands on that!


Anonymous said...

It was great to have one of these again, but I couldn't help thinking that when I used to have them from Sainsburys as a kid, they were bigger?

cinabar said...

Or - you got bigger, they look smaller! :-D

I do remember some own brand ones that didn't have the jam swirl in the ice cream, just had it beneath the sponge. I wonder whether supermarkets will release their own versions again to compete?

Anonymous said...

We love it so much we've started a FB Group in its honour....!