15 February 2009

Pocari Sweat (Mount Fuji)

Next time you are in Mount Fuji, make sure you try the Pocari Sweat, that's what NLI10 said when I wrote about drinking Ramune lemonade there.
The place of purchase, Mount Fuji, is a Japanese shop and restaurant and this drink is a Japanese lemonade. I did as I was told and ordered a Pocari Sweat, and a shiny blue can arrived. A drink with the word "sweat" in the title isn't very appetising, but I put that down to a translation error of some description.
The packaging states that it is a sports drink designed to be the most efficient way of absorbing liquid. It does this by being as close to natural human body fluid as it can be. It turns out there was no translation error. There is something about the fact that it has ‘sweat’ in the title, and that it is trying to ‘mimic body fluid’ that made me feel a little queasy. However, it’s a clear drink and has a mild muted lemon flavour that I found quite pleasant and refreshing.


Katie said...

That is what 'isotonic' means on sports drinks: at the same concentration as the body's fluids so it absorbs better in theory. The word sweat isn't quite as appealing tho!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I remember also being intrigued by this when I was abroad. It's vile and I'd never drink it again!

Anonymous said...

I have a can next to my computer now, it's lovely stuff and very refreshing.

Our friendly IT consultant TC pointed it out to me and I've never looked back.

cinabar said...

Think I'll stick to Ramune! Why on earth would anyone put 'Sweat' in a drink's product name? It's like selling a perfume called 'Rotting Flowers'. Didn't they have a team meeting to discuss it, was that the best name they could come up with?