19 February 2009

Hellema Chocolate Peanut Cookies (Waitrose)

These biscuits are European, but use what I thought was the American terminology of cookie to describe themselves. I’m sure regular readers will know about my love of chocolate and peanuts. To me, the flavours were meant for one another, so there was obvious excitement when I found these biscuits.
They consist of a layer of plain biscuit, like you would find on a Nice biscuit, with a good sprinkling of peanuts on top, held on by a layer of milk chocolate. The quality of the biscuit is good, and it has a nice creamy after taste, which when mixed with the chocolate and peanuts makes for an absolutely adorable flavour combination.

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ostimea said...

the variety of biscuits hellema has is awesome, they look really tasty as well, shame supermarkets don't sell them in the uk