2 February 2009

Walkers Fish And Chips [Do Us A Flavour] (Vending Machine at a Train Station)

Here is another pack from the new Do Us a Flavour selection from Walkers. When I opened the packet the aroma reminded me of the smell associated with Scampi Fries, and as such was very pleasant.
Tucking in I found the taste to be quite authentic, and really loved the fish with salt and vinegar taste. The vinegar wasn’t as strong as that in a regular packet of salt and vinegar; it was milder and not overpowering.
I rate these above the Duck in Hoisin, but it was actually quite a close call. The flavours seemed more balanced with these, where as the duck ones have a little too much spring onion flavour.

1) Walkers Fish and Chips
2) Walkers Duck in Hoisin

I will update the rankings as I try the new flavours.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but these are horrible!! Should have been like Prawn Vs S&V and really nice, but they are not at all right.

Even the squirrel one is nicer than this. The duck one actually tastes of Hoisin which was a surprise.

You can get 2 different multipack bags with 2 bags of each of 3 flavours now.

Katie said...

I had these today, me and mum both came to the conclusion that they were salt & vinegar with that bit of scampi fry you mentioned. The do really taste like fish and chips. These are good, but strage with a ham sandwich.