7 February 2009

Nestle White Knight (Australia Via Cybercandy)

I am going to be reviewing several Australian treats over the next couple of weeks. Many thanks to the lovely person who sent me this Australian Gift Box, filled with wonders I have never seen before. There seems to be a theme that the Australians like their mint, but I can’t complain because I do too.

It seems fitting for the first review that I choose one of the minty items – a Nestle White Knight. There is quite a thick coating of milk chocolate covering a white mint chew. On first bite it was tougher than I thought it would be, it is a proper ‘chew’, not soft mint flavoured nougat. As the filling is quite firm, the chocolate crumbles when you bite it, which is dangerous to say the least. The mint has a good flavour, and when I got used to the texture and the concentration it took when eating it, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Looking forward to more of the other goodies tucked away in my gift box.

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