3 February 2009

Linden Lady Chocolates - Handmade Truffles and Hollow Stars (Waitrose)

I found this sweet little bag of chocolates hidden away on the shelf at Waitrose. It was the only item stocked from this company, and as it isn’t by a make I recognise, I couldn’t resist. Inside the bag were a selection of chocolate stars, and truffle balls: Dark truffle ball: With a coating of rich dark chocolate which is not too sweet, it compliments the filling rather well. The filling is a dark chocolate truffle with a slight alcohol taste, which I think I can identify as rum. Milk truffle ball: This is similar to the dark truffle, with a good quality milk chocolate coating. The filling is sweet and creamy with an after taste of caramel and again a gentle alcohol flavour which is subtler than the dark one. Stars: These are made with marbled white and milk chocolate, and layered inside with dark chocolate. Did I mention that these are hollow? It is kind of strange, I knew from the label that they were, but my teeth were still expecting a texture inside! The chocolate blends well together and they are quite morish. In summary a lovely selection and I look forward to seeing more from this company.

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