13 February 2009

Polly Waffle (Australia Via Cybercandy)

Here is another exciting bar from the haul I received from Cybercandy, and this is a curious one. Firstly though I love the name, Polly Waffle, as it's sort of satisfying to say! The bar itself is a tube of marshmallow, surrounded by a wafer with a waffle pattern on it, and then coated in milk chocolate.
Strangely enough after the first taste I wasn’t that impressed. It has a very odd texture, with its soft mallow, hard wafer, and milk chocolate. The chocolate crumbled everywhere, and the texture didn’t feel quite right. It’s strange but the chocolate also crumbled dangerously on the White Knight bar too, perhaps the Australians are better at dealing with these things. The second bite, of the Polly Waffle was easier than the first piece, as I was expecting the strange texture. The bar grew on me the more I ate, the flavours mingle well. It made me think that in the UK chocolate bars have very similar consistencies, and this may have caused my initial prejudice to this bar. In reality though the Australians are right, there is more to chocolate bars than soft nougat.


Anonymous said...

they used to make a polly waffle ice cream bar also,years ago it was so yummy!! cant seem to find it anywhere these days maybe it was deleted. :(

cinabar said...

I had a bit of a 'google' to see if I could find anyone stocking it, but alas I couldn't. What was it like?