28 February 2009

Cadbury's Brunch Bakes – Fruit and Nut (Sainsbury’s)

Cadbury’s have bought out two new products, both in the same range and both with similar packaging. What is even more confusing is that they have such a similarity in name too, the other product is Cadbury's Brunch Breaks which I wrote about a few days ago, compare this to Cadbury's Brunch Bakes. Breaks and Bakes – it’s just confusing!
The names may only be subtly different, but the difference in product is more pronounced. Cadbury's Brunch Breaks are a type of cereal bar, but these Bakes are what I would describe as biscuits. They come stacked in a plastic packet, not individually wrapped and just how you would expect biscuits to be packaged. I mention this as the packaging does not use the biscuit word, which just struck me as being a little odd. Anyway, they have a thick cookie style base, which is soft rather than brittle, and packed into the base are hazelnuts, chocolate, oats and raisins. They have a good balance of flavours and textures, and are very morish. I recommended them dunked in coffee!

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