9 February 2009

Dandelion and Burdock Kali (Toot Sweets Confectionery Emporium, Shrewsbury)

While on a shopping trip to Shrewsbury recently I stumbled across a new and truly wonderful sweet shop. The sweet shop is filled from floor to ceiling with, well, everything you could think of, from toffee to marshmallows, but it was some kali I decided to purchase.
I have to admit, I’ve never seen Dandelion and Burdock flavoured Kali before. The purple crystals are sweet and zingy, and have a flavour which is somewhere between aniseed and the intended Dandelion and Burdock. Absolutely lovely, but I really should have purchased some liquorice sticks to dip in the crystals too.
If you are interested in trying some, but don’t live near Shrewsbury, take a look at their funky website: http://www.tootsweetsconfectionery.com and you can purchase online.

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