1 February 2009

Milka Caramel (Sainsbury’s)

Dearest Milka thank you for becoming more available in the UK. I can’t believe I found another new flavour Milka bar in Sainsbury’s.

The first thing I noticed is that Milka are very clever as they have created a liquid caramel bar that doesn’t run all over the place when you break pieces off. Between each piece is a velvety smooth ‘milk’ flavoured soft fondant stopping the caramel from running.

In taste the milk fondant mixes well with the liquid caramel and the chocolate flavours, and sort of dances on the taste buds. Sweet caramel, melting chocolate and a creamy fondant, Wow! Totally addictive, totally gorgeous, totally another favourite Milka bar.


Anonymous said...

What sainsbury's!!!?

cinabar said...

The Sainsbury's near me sell regular Milka, Milka Cream and Milka Caramel! Yummy!