31 January 2009

Penguin Double Chocolate Big Stix (Waitrose)

I take it back when I wrote here that it was unusual to see the word ‘New’ on a penguin packet, but I was clearly wrong. Less than two months later I found another new Penguin product. This is not a complaint as I love new products!

When I opened the box I was surprised that the ‘big stix’ were actually surprisingly long and thin, with two in each pack! The ingredient ratios don’t seem to work well together though, certainly not as well as a regular bar. There is a little too much biscuit and not enough yummy cool fondant. This makes for a much drier product and it’s not a regular Penguin beater.*

*No penguins were beaten or harmed during the production of this write-up.


me3108 said...

i am a 12 year old girl and loved the new penguin stixs and was suprised to found out they made a new product :)

cinabar said...

I always have an eye out for the magic word "new" never fails to excite me! :-)

Did you prefer these Stix to regular Penguin bars?