14 January 2009

Mr Bunbury’s Madagascan Brownies (Sainsbury’s)

A few days ago I wrote about Mr Bunbury’s Biscuit Cakes, and I have now made the discovery of another product in the range, Brownies!

These Brownies have the same fabulous packaging as the Biscuit Cakes which do, as Katie commented, look like something out of a children’s book. Inside this magical packaging are five rather scrummy Brownies. I think these are the only Brownies that I have purchased that actually taste home made. They remind me of the Brownies I used to make when I was a kid, in those boxes you could buy with the ready to use cake mix. They are moist and chocolaty and have a lovely soft texture, and yet just melt in the mouth. A very nice treat.

PS I have bought something crazy to write about tomorrow!!!!

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