24 January 2009

Marmite Gift Set (Selfridges)

I have a helper today helping me write – Paddington.

I’m sure you have all seen the adverts with Paddington bear and his new found love of Marmite, instead of Marmalade? Well there is now a gift set available showing his new alliance. Perfect for those of you who know someone who is a Marmite fan, or just want to treat yourselves.

I am not going to do too much of a review of Marmite for you, after all ‘you either love it or hate it’. I am in the love it camp, Marmite on toast with a bowl of tomato soup – heaven. The salty, meaty (but vegetarian) Marmite and sweetness of the soup make for combination perfection.


C2L said...

MARMITE!!!! I'm so jelous! I'm now going to have to take a trip back up to get one of those packs!

Katie said...

Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

C2L said...


cinabar said...

LOL - the bear is really cute too!