6 January 2009

Ben & Jerry’s Baked Alaska Ice Cream (Sainsbury’s)

This ice cream had a ‘new’ symbol on it in my local super market, I suspect it was probably ‘new’ in Summer (the concept of leaving a ‘new’ label on an item past the acceptable ‘newness period’ is something that winds me up)! But anyway I hadn’t tried this flavour before, so it is still new to me!

The ice cream comes with a message about global warming, and is designed to raise awareness about environmental issues. I liked the pun on the packet: “if it’s melted it’s ruined” in reference to the melting ice caps, but also the ice cream!

So on with the ice cream itself… it is a vanilla based ice cream, with white chocolate polar bears (cute) and marshmallow swirls (allegedly). It’s a very mild ice cream, as the flavours are all quite subtle. The vanilla flavour is pleasant and the white chocolate is of a good quality. I can’t really tell you about the marshmallow swirls, as I couldn’t really locate any, they are rather well mixed in! The ice cream is nice enough, but I prefer some of Ben and Jerry’s more exotic flavours.

Finally, isn’t a Baked Alaska supposed to contain meringue?


Katie said...

You cant beat Ben and Jerrys. Its a shame this seems too meek and mild. I love the fact that B&J is normally totally OTT.

cinabar said...

Last Summer Ben and Jerry's released several frozen yoghurt's too - one of which was Chocolate Fudge Brownie - heaven!!!