3 January 2009

Arla - Café Met - Mochalatte (Waitrose)

Okay I except this might not be the classical time of year for iced coffee drinks, but the cold weather outside does not put me off and the shops continue to stock them, so I couldn’t resist!

This makes for a lovely drink. I tasted hints of sweet caramel and coffee. The drink is very smooth and it is one of those drinks that just goes down a little too easy!

After yesterday’s discussion about the definition of ‘Latte Macchiato’, I couldn’t help but lookup ‘Mochalatte’, and it turns out that it is supposed to have a mix of chocolate and coffee, which is what I suspected. I really enjoyed this drink, but I could taste no cocoa in it, unless I misinterpreted the caramel flavour (but I usually have a good nose for chocolate)!

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Katie said...

I love these, I buy these in service stations when I dont want a red bull. They are proper expensive tho.