26 January 2009

Chocolatea (Selfridges)

I don’t usually comment on the price, and I do like to think that snacking and treats shouldn’t be affected by the price, but as this is rather expensive, I couldn’t help but mention it - £15 is the retail price. For fifteen pounds you get just two cups worth of tea and two bars of chocolate, one dark and one dark but flavoured with tea. I happened to purchase it in the sale though, so it can be bought cheaper.

I brewed the tea, read the paperwork and tucked into the chocolate.

The tea itself is a smokey black tea, I think I recognise the flavour as being Lapsang Souchong (not a particularly expensive tea, around £2.50 for a box of 50 teabags).The first bar of chocolate was a very nice dark chocolate, but I felt it didn’t go that well with the tea. To be honest though, I’m more of a chocolate and coffee fan than chocolate and tea. The chocolate however was a good quality bar and full of flavour. The second bar of chocolate was flavoured with the same tea, but very mildly, and it has a hint of a smokey flavour, but nothing too smokey.

The packaging is nice, the spiel in the box is pleasant, all in all it’s fine. It is one of those products where you pay for the packaging though; nice tin, very nice write up on how to taste the chocolate, and how tea complements the flavour, but not that much in terms of quantity of product.

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