11 January 2009

Maltesers and Friends Mini Eggs (Spa)

Okay, above me there is a calendar that clearly states that the date is January, and yet in front of me is a bag of mini Easter eggs. I know that they are mini Easter eggs as they have a white Easter Bunny on the packet. Yes, I realise that just a few days ago I was excited about finding the first Cadbury’s Crème Eggs, but that’s different, they are clearly New Year eggs!

Anyway, on with the product... There are four different varieties of mini eggs in the bag; Mars, Milky Way, Maltesers and Galaxy. The product is called ‘Maltesers and Friends’, but I don’t really know why as the majority of the ones in my bag were Mars eggs! On with the selection:

Milky Way Egg – Had a filling flavoured like a Milky Way bar, but I’m sure it is less fluffy.
Mars – Like a mini Mars bar and my favourite.
Galaxy – This is solid Galaxy chocolate.
Maltesers - Rather like the one in the Celebrations box, but with much more chocolate and not enough malt!

Actually these are an Easter version of Celebrations, in foil rather than the posh wrappers.


Anonymous said...

Do you have the ingredients for the mars malteser egg please?

Anonymous said...

should be rebranded mars and friends. a blatant trade description violation. i have bought three bags on three separate occasions and the mars eggs make up two thirds of the bag with the other third made up off the other eggs.