4 January 2009

Taste the Difference Scotch Beef Burgers Filled with West Country Farmhouse Cheddar and Chilli (Sainsbury’s)

These burgers should come with a warning on the packet; “Do not under any circumstance serve this product in a bread bun unless you are partial to wearing chilli cheese!!!” Seriously this is the most dangerous burger I have ever eaten; it literally bursts hot liquid cheese. I unwittingly went for the bread bun and had to use extreme concentration to avoid a mishap, the sort of concentration levels worthy of being used by a contestant on The Krypton Factor! In conclusion, these burgers would be far safer on a plate eaten with a knife and fork.

That aside, the meat in the burger is tasty, full of flavour. The juicy meat is kept moist by the filling. The cheese itself also has a good cheddar flavour, but the chilli is disappointingly rather mild, some may see that as a positive though.


Katie said...

Sound yum if you can avoid cheese scalds!

cinabar said...

Yes they are nice, dangerous, but nice!