16 January 2009

Lindt Petits Dessert Tiramisu (House of Fraser)

Having thoroughly enjoyed the Crème Brûlee Lindt bar, I was very pleased to find another from the ‘Petits Dessert’ range; Tiramisu.

The chocolate has the lovely aroma of fresh coffee. Biting in I could see that the chocolate was delicately layered, mimicking the real Tiramisu dessert, with both a dark layer and a creamy layer. The dark layer was a truffle and was where (I think) the coffee flavour originates from. The paler layer was more creamy in both texture and flavour, with biscuit pieces that added a light crunch. A very nice bar, particularly for the coffee fans!


C2L said...

Jammy... I entered over 500 comps over xmas and won nothing... but you enter this one and win.. that jsut aint fair!

C2L said...

Humm... i didnt post that..I cant even delete it! what i wrote was....

My other half loves these!