19 January 2009

Ramune [Carbonated Soft Drink] (Mount Fuji, Birmingham Bullring)

Firstly a note on the place of purchase of this item, Mount Fuji, it is a Japanese shop and restaurant in the centre of Birmingham, and it sells an interesting array of Japanese products and food. I previously mentioned it as a place to purchase Pocky, but really if you are looking for somewhere different to eat give it a try!


When I was last in there we asked for lemonade, and got asked if we meant Ramune, as it is Japanese Lemonade. This is what arrived!

The green item in the photo next to the bottle is the ‘key’ you have to place this on top of the bottle, and press down for a few seconds to dislodge a glass marble. I’m not joking it is sealed with a marble, and has a health warning on the packet about supervising children opening it!

The drink itself doesn’t taste exactly like lemonade, it is sweet, in fact it is VERY sweet. I would describe the taste as lemonade flavoured bubblegum! I know that may not sound like a compliment, but I have a sweet tooth and found it very refreshing!


Anonymous said...

Get Mr. Cinabar to take you back and this time ask for Pocari Sweat. Trust me, it's fantastic.

Katie said...

the idea of a ball in a bottle neck is really old... its called a codd neck bottle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bottle . its a nice gimmick.

cinabar said...

Nli10 - a drink with 'sweat' in the title??? Well next time I'm there, I'll give it a go!

Katie - I was totally fascinated by the bottle! Thanks for the link, apparently the old bottles are collectable as kids used to break them to get the marbles out! (figures) :-)