22 January 2009

Sun Maid Fruit Fingers [Dipped In Chocolate] (Boots)

I previously wrote about the yoghurt version of this bar and thoroughly enjoyed it. This too is lovely, moist and very fruity. The chocolate works well, just adding a nice cocoa hint.

But something on the packet of this item got me thinking, it states 'with 100% real fruit' and the more I think about it the more I realise it is an odd phrasing. If I mix a tub of butter and sugar, and add one grape to it, then that would be made 'with 100% real fruit’ because I didn't add a ‘fake’ grape!

I'm not trying to criticize the bar, I know what they mean, and bar is genuinely one of your five a day and full of fruit, I just thinking the wording is strange!

Anyway this makes for a lovely snack that is satisfying and full of vitamins, and the chocolate makes for a nice touch.


Katie said...

Some food companies are really naughty with the way they label their products... its all about conning parents into thinking they are feeding their kids well.

cinabar said...

"Lower Fat" is another that gets me... only means it has to be fractionally lower in fat than their regular product - doesn't mean it is a 'low fat' item as such.