23 January 2009

Gü Chocs – Liquid Caramel Chocs

Now I don’t want to get a reputation as someone who hangs out at chocolate websites, but I guess it is to be expected. Anyway I was looking at the Gü website, as you do, and I noticed a competition on the side of the website to win Gü chocs, I entered, I won. It is bizarre that someone with a website like mine should win so much chocolate, but it is a very pleasant coincidence! If my exceptional luck continues and I win the lottery, I will let you all know!!

I have never even seen these chocolates in the shops, I only know Gü (and Frü) for the desserts that they sell, so receiving this in the post was rather nice!

The packaging of these is rather smart, and even the inside of the box has a nice pattern on it. The chocs themselves are wonderful. The 70% cocoa shell on them breaks easily and bursts a buttery sweet caramel goo (for want of a better word)! The caramel is listed as having a salty flavour, and there is, but it is very gentle. The sweet caramel compliments the bitter chocolate coating and I thoroughly recommend them.


Katie said...

ooooh yum! Free sweeties is never bad! I think you should try writing to companies and telling them about your blog... when I was a kid me and my mate used to write nice letters to try to get free stuff. The millions sweets were the best, they sent us a packet in each of their flavours and a soft toy of the character from the packets. Result!

cinabar said...

I realise entering competitions probably isn't the most efficient way of getting free choccies!!! :-D

That's really nice of the Millions Sweets to send you stuff. I do need to be a little more forward and maybe email companies after I write about their product.