17 January 2009

Kitchen Guru – Chicken Madras (Selfridges)

This product is essentially a recipe for Chicken Madras with all the spices required pre-measured and attached to the card. The extra ingredients which had to be purchased fresh were listed on the back of the pack (well they couldn’t really attach raw chicken to the card)!

The recipe is easy to follow. This particular curry was cooked all in one pan, simply adding the appropriate ingredients at the given time.

And the results:

The finished article didn’t have too much sauce and had a lovely authentic taste. In fact it is a gorgeous curry, with lots of flavour, and good spice. Really nice, well worth giving these spice cards a go. They are really fun to use too.


Katie said...

This is such a good idea- I love cooking from scratch but I think its pointless buying several large jars of ingredients for a recipe you may only cook once in a blue moon.

Anonymous said...

It was a lovely curry... ;-)

cinabar said...

Saw these in Waitrose too, have picked up the Rogan Josh one to try. Makes cooking fun!