13 January 2009

Cadbury’s - Carnival Competition

This is just a mention of the fact that Cadbury’s are running a promotion called “Is there a Carnival in the box?”. It is currently on a variety of thier chocolate bars e.g. Dairy Milk and Boost.

Essentially you enter the digits from the barcode on your promotional bar, and play the game on the website listed on the pack. There are quite a few prizes, ranging from holidays, consoles through to chocolate!

So in summary, I ate, I entered my code, I played the game and I won choccies!!!
Couldn’t help but smile when this arrived in the post!


  1. They combined chocolate, casual gaming and competitions? Is it a dream come true? :)

  2. LOL!!! Very true!!! :-D

    Would have been my dream come true if I had topped it off by winning the holiday or Wii!

  3. Jammy... I entered over 500 comps over xmas and won nothing... but you enter this one and win.. that jsut aint fair!


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