20 January 2009

Tradtional Swiss Army Milk Chocolate (Switzerland)

From the Swiss collection I have previously mentioned.

The packet states that this is the Traditional Survival Portion of Chocolate for the Swiss Army, complete with Caffeine to rejuvenate. The packaging is ace, it made me not want to open it till an emergency!

I happened to eat the bar when I was very sleepy after doing an early shift at work, but still wanting to be awake later in the evening. By the end of the bar I had the very strange feeling that I wanted to run round the room, but also fall asleep (I’ve always been quite sensitive to caffeine)!

I thought the chocolate itself was gorgeous; sweet milky and with golden cornflakes that add a honey like flavour and a bit of a crunch to the texture. The base chocolate has that alpine nutty flavour that made me love it.

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