24 February 2009

Honey and Pistachio (Hotel Chocolat)

This is part two of me rectifying the lack of Hotel Chocolat products on my site. The second bar I opted for was a milk chocolate concoction flavoured with honey and with pistachio nuts inside.
The chocolate smelt divine, it had a gentle hint of honey in the aroma. Tucking in the chocolate was firm, but not too tough.
The flavour of the milk chocolate was, well I think there is only one word that can describe it; stunning. The sweetness of the honey was prominent and balanced to perfection. Any less honey and it would have been too subtle, any more and it would have been over sweet, as it was, it was spot on! The flavour of the pistachio’s mingled with the honey chocolate and added a wonderful texture. Pure heaven, a must purchase.

1 comment:

cinabar said...

It is, the honey in he bar gives it the slightest hint of Caramac! Ace!

By the way, your website looks fantastic and delicious!!