6 February 2009

Walkers Chilli and Chocolate [Do Us A Flavour] (Sainsbury’s)

Another find from the Walkers new selection and this certainly qualifies as a curious combination too. I’m not sure how I feel about the concept of chocolate and chilli in a crisp, but there is only one way to find out.
The smell is quite reminiscent of another of Walkers flavours; they are sweet and spicy like Worcester Sauce crisps. This is where the similarity ends as the taste is in no way comparable. There is the vaguest hint of chocolate and sweetness, and a light hint of chilli that does leave a tingle. I’m not impressed with these, it's not just that the idea is strange, but I don’t feel that it has been put together well either.

The current rankings:

1) Walkers Fish and Chips
2) Walkers Duck in Hoisin
3) Walkers Builders Breakfast
4) Walkers Chilli and Chocolate


Katie said...

Chilli and chocolate is an age old combo, the Aztecs invented it. Hotel chocolate do good chilli choc, and I made a chocolate mousse at Christmas that had chilli in it. its a fab combo, I am excited at the prospect of this crisp but its a shame if walkers haven't had the balls to make it taste proper good. Have you ever eaten a bag of sweet chilli sensations with a bar of dairy milk? Genius.

By the way, Im going to buy all 6 flavours tomorrow if I can find them and try them all!

Katie said...

I had some of these today, i found that there was an initial burst of cocoa, and then a burn from chilli, but there was no sweetness or chilli flavour. Your right, not super impressive.

Andrew C. A. Elliott said...

Loved this flavour, almost pipped Onion Bhaji as my favourite. For me this worked perfectly.