10 February 2009

Walkers Cajun Squirrel [Do Us A Flavour]

Well here it is, the final flavour in the new Do Us A Flavour range, and it is the one I have had the most trouble locating. So, I would like to start off by sending a very big thank you to the very nice man from the NTSC-UK forum who sent me them.
I would also like to point out that I have no idea what ‘squirrel’ tastes like, so I will be unable to truly authenticate the flavour!! The crisps are vegetarian and do have a sweet note on the packet explaining that they don’t actually contain real squirrel – phew!
So on with the crisps…
They had the lovely aroma of Paprika and Mexican spices when I opened the packet, and the crisps themselves remind me of chicken fajitas, with a gentle lemon aftertaste. I have to say I am not that fussed by the idea of a gimmicky flavour. Does anyone remember Hedgehog crisps that were popular in the eighties? They were actually pork flavoured crisps, made popular by their ‘shocking’ flavour.
Some links to prove I’m not making them up:
That kind of novelty worked for me as a small child, but less so now. Anyway, I am going off on a tangent so back to the crisps. I felt that they could have easily been made spicier, a pinch more chilli would have been an improvement. Although perfectly pleasant, the missing Cajun burn and attention seeking name of the crisps reduce their place in the rankings.

The FINAL rankings are:

1) Walkers Fish and Chips
2) Walkers Onion Bhaji
3) Walkers Duck in Hoisin
4) Walkers Cajun Squirrel
5) Walkers Builders Breakfast
6) Walkers Chilli and Chocolate

My vote is going for the yummy Fish and Chip flavour.


Anonymous said...

My list would be:

1) Walkers Fish and Chips
2) Walkers Onion Bhaji
3) Walkers Duck in Hoisin
4) Walkers Builders Breakfast
5) Walkers Cajun Squirrel
6) Walkers Chilli and Chocolate

I think the Onion Bhaji should be renamed Indian Spices, as they taste more like spiced Poppadoms than Onion Bhaji. Eating Duck in Hoisin crisps made me want to be healthy and eat a Duck Salad with Hoisin sauce, as it tastes slightly better and is better for you. I wasn't keen on the eggy / sulphur flavour of the Builders Breakfast crisps. I thought the Cajun Squirrel crisps had an aftertaste of stinky feet and I really didn't like the Chilli and Chocolate crisps at all. That's the first time I've ever disliked a flavour of Walkers Crisps! Scary... ;-S

Anonymous said...

Not tried the Bhaji yet, but I quite like the builder's.

Trouble is the only one that's a strong flavour is the F&C one which tastes like Birmingham Fish market smells.

I'm voting none of the above!

Anonymous said...

my list would be:


cinabar said...

NLi10 - boo hiss - have you tried the Bhaji ones yet? The Builder's ones have the problem that the egg is sulphur like and a little unpleasant.

It is amazing how much everyone's taste buds vary, but most people I have spoken too don't like the chocolate chilli flavour.

The fish and chips seems to be getting mixed reactions too - but I love them!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I tried these recently and were not overly impressed. Just a wierd flavour really, but then we are all different. I wish they would ring back Tomato Ketchup flavour - why ever did the get rid of them.
Yuors, the Email Advisor.

cinabar said...

I haven't seen Tomato Ketchup crisps for a while either, and they were good. With the current climate for re-releasing past products (e.g. Wispa / Arctic Roll / Phileas Fogg Poppadoms) maybe it will make a come back! Fingers crossed!