12 February 2009

Jammie Dodgers – Splat Snacks (Sainsbury’s)

Jammy Dodgers are an iconic biscuit in the UK, consisting of two layers of shortbread, stuck together with a splodge of raspberry jam.
This product is a mini strangely shaped version of Jammy Dodgers, consisting of biscuits shaped like splats, in small bags designed for the lunch boxes. There is just one layer of biscuit and it is embedded with raspberry bits, to add the flavour of the jam, and crisped rice to add crunch.
It is disappointing that they don’t have that distinctive Jammy Dodger jam, but the raspberry pieces do enhance the flavour. The biscuits have a good crunch, and they do have the expected golden taste too. A nice treat for a lunch box, as the whole bag only has 100 calories, but not a Jammy Dodger replacement.

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