23 December 2011

Wonderful Pistachios – Sweet Chilli [By @Cinabar]

Pistachios are a favourite Christmas nibble in the Foodstuff Finds house, and bags of the things do have the tendency to disappear in record time! Usually the only ‘varieties’ the nuts come in are salted or plain, I guess as they are sold in their shells, they are a little difficult to season evenly. Wonderful Pistachio has taken up the challenge and introduced some intriguing new seasonings.
These new Sweet Chilli flavoured pistachios are sprinkled with a red/golden dust and have a rich paprika smell about them. The bag of nuts was a fairly decent size, but it was a shame the bag wasn’t re-sealable. I poured the nuts into a Tupperware box to ease sharing and to keep them fresh for storage later.
I pulled open the shell on the first nut, and it broke satisfyingly. The nut inside was fresh and crunchy, with a lovely background warmth taste. I was rather pleased that the seasoning didn’t overpower the fresh flavour from the nut, instead it works with the major ingredient. The pistachio still had a slight salty edge to it, and the chilli grew in intensity the more I ate. Thankfully these don’t have an overpowering heat at any point, instead they have a nice tingle and a sweetness that finishes before any deep set burn kicks in. As these nuts are meant for sharing, they probably are best maintaining the heat at this level, rather than finding a guest with their head under the cold tap trying to cool down!
If you are looking for any last minute Christmas nibbles purchases, I heartily recommend giving this a go. They are a nice twist on regular pistachios with a good flavour that still lets the pistachio nut taste shine through. Worryingly moreish!
By Cinabar


S.Emerald said...

I didn't know they came in other flavours besides plain.
Too bad, I don't eat pistachios, these look quite good:)

cinabar said...

Its a nice idea - there are plenty of flavoured peanuts on the market - so why not pistachios!