11 July 2014

Dominos Pizza Fiesta / Rio and New Nachos (@Dominos_UK) [By @Cinabar]

As we were having pizza as a bit of a treat while watching the football, it seemed appropriate to try out the Brazilian sounding new pizzas from Dominos. There are two new varieties Fiesta and Rio, and I thought we could try both so went for a half and half, where they split the pizza with two varieties.
When it arrived I could immediately see the issue with a half and half pizza, the dressing from the Fiesta was also all over the Rio. The Fiesta section (left in the photo) consists of chicken, peppers, spices and mojito dressing. I thought the heat was a nice kick, and gave a good warmth. The dressing was cooling and reminded me of mint raita, perfect for the spices and rather summery in its nature.
The Rio section wasn’t supposed to have the mojito dressing, but apart from that looked right. It had pulled beef, onions, peppers and chipotle dressing. The heat was much milder on this section, and the peppers shone through. The beef didn’t have much flavour, it just added a bit of a juicy meaty feel, but the flavour wasn’t as strong as say steak pieces would have been. The chipotle also seemed mild compared to the Fiesta.As usual with Domino all the veggies tasted fresh and slightly crunchy, which I really like, and it does give them a bit more of a premium feeling.
If I had to pick out of the two pizzas I think I would choose the Fiesta as the winner, the chicken taste was more defined and the spices had such a lovely tingle.

We also ordered a box of the new Nachos to try, which came with a choice of salsas, hot or tangy. We went for tangy, which was fresh with lots of tomato so a good choice. The nachos themselves were crunchy, and had plenty of cheese and made for a rather nice accompaniment to the pizza. You would immediately think that pizza and nachos would go together but the contrast in textures seemed to work surprisingly well.
If you are planning on watching the footie over the weekend, this certainly makes for tasty pizza to munch while you watch. I’m highly tempted to order it all again for the final! ;-)
By Cinabar


Mike said...

Surprised by the comment on the pulled barbacoa beef, I had this on a create your own pizza and loved it! Full of flavour (to the extent it flavoured the entire pizza). I really hope they keep it on the menu although I suspect it'll disappear like chorizo and ventricina salami did :(

Also tried the nachos; looks like the one you got was nice. Sadly mine was a charcoaled incinerated mess!

Anonymous said...

MMM! That sounds like it would be so good. If I can gather some of the ingredients, I might try to recreate this at home. I say "some" because, you lost me at the "mojito dressing" part.

cinabar said...

Mike - I think Dominos can be a bit hit an miss, I think we had a small portion of beef which didn't help.

S.Emerald - think cucumber sauce like you get in indian restaurants.