29 June 2015

All Butter Roly-Poly Swirls - New Biscuits (M&S) [By @Cinabar]

I couldn't resist having a little look around Marks and Spencer and seeing what new items they had for summer. These very pretty looking biscuits caught my eye. I actually have a bit of a thing for colour, if there is a bright option I tend to go for it. So pink swirly biscuits are right up my street.
The flavour is very British too, raspberries and custard which is a fun idea, and based on traditional Roly-Poly sponge pudding. A classic from my school dinner days, but not something I've had for a while.
Inside the pack there were eight biscuits, stacked in pairs, all with swirl of pink running through the them. Not that many in there really, and they were spaced out in the plastic. I gave them a try and the first thing to note is the texture. I thought these might be hard and stodgy, but they were light, almost airy and melted in the mouth. The raspberry flavour was sweet, and the sharpness of the berries mixed beautifully with the buttery shortbread like taste. They were definitely sweet fruity and buttery, not custard so much, but a lovely combination. The lightness made them very easy to eat and I'm ashamed to say I munched my way though half the pack (ok it was just four biscuits) with remarkable ease.
Despite writing this blog I don't eat a lot of biscuits, but these are still some I would go out of my way to buy again, such good summery flavours.
By Cinabar

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