11 June 2015

Quorn - Meat Free Chorizo (by @NLi10)

We've reviewed a lot of Quorn sausages here before, some dodgier than others. Here we have the fattest, most speciality sausage we've tried so far.

This looks real. It looks meaty enough that my veggie partner was not interested in it at all. It's pure sausage style goodness.

Here we see it actually sizzling in the pan - I'm not sure what they added to it but it does fry like meat would, and it smells fantastic.

Here you can see the little bits. Most of it is just our regular Quorn sausage, but these bits and bobs do make the sausage.

It does cook a lot quicker than expected too - try not to burn it! Chorizo does tend to do this as well so  that's fairly real.

My partner was brave enough to have one bite, but it was too meat-like and I got to eat the rest. I was fine with this. If you made a tapas dish with this then people would be very hard pushed to spot that it was veggie (although it's not perfect it does just feel like a different kind of sausage).

An unexpected win for Quorn sausages, and something that can be fed to carnivores easily without making them too upset that you served them healthy Quorn. I'll probably buy it again, but not to share.

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