15 June 2015

New Aero Mousse Bar (Boots) [By @cinabar]

I know we can buy Aero Mousse in the dessert section of the supermarket, this has obviously inspired someone at Aero head quarters to come up with a new chocolate bar. This Aero bar doesn’t need chilling but does include a layer of mousse on top of the bubbles. Ok so there is no new flavour here, and it is very much in the safe category of new products. I do like playful textures in snacks and chocolates, so I was still quite intrigued to try it.
I took the wrapper off and found that the bar was prettily bubble shaped. I took the photo as above and then decided to break a piece off to take a closer look and of course a try. First thing to note is that if you fill the top of the chocolate bubble with a soft mousse substance, you do really have to be extra careful to avoid squishing it when attempting to break a piece off!

Visually there didn’t seem to be much mousse, but you can really notice it when you bite the pieces. It adds a layer of soft silkiness to the bar. I did like the feel of the bar. The chocolate was the usual sweet Aero flavour, with nothing new taste wise. It was nice though, and I hope they develop this further to include their mint and orange in the range. If I’m honest thought I can’t see them pushing it as the bar just isn’t that different from the regular variety, but looks more complex to make.
By Cinabar

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