21 June 2015

Gnocchetti tricolore & pesto Genoese [Ocado] (by @NLi10)

As part of a larger Ocado shop I added a special offer of these luxury gnocchi and pesto sauce.

It's good because even though it's luxury and filling it cooks in no time at all!

Here we see them hiding in the water, ready to pop to the surface to indicate readiness.

And here we see the cooked articles with a pesto monster gazing down upon them from his fortress of kale.

The potato dumplings had a great texture and the colours did have a subtle different flavour making it a varied meal. The pesto was the star though. While your typical pesto will have a bit of flavour and sit nicely alongside a variety of things this demanded to be noticed and had a much thicker consistency.  I do fancy trying all the different flavours in the range but it's a little more expensive than I'd like so I'm going to space them out.

A very filling and pretty healthy meal. One to look out for.

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