3 June 2015

Haribo Tangfastics Frenzy Edition (OCado) [By @SpectreUK]

These new Frenzy Edition Tangfastics from Haribo have eight new tropical sour fizzy fruit flavour and sweet foam gums. Tangfastics are some of my favourite gummy sweets. I do love sour gums, especially ones made with real fruit juice. First up of the eight flavours of regular Haribo gummy shapes was the yellow and green key, which was a tangy super sour mango and pineapple flavour. The blue foam crocodiles were a good sour peach flavour that had an almost face twisting zing. The blue and purple cherry shape had a mild tasty sour pomegranate flavour. The light blue and pinkish red keys were a sour passion fruit and peach flavour, which seemed a slight battle as the passion fruit tried in vain to calm down the sour peach flavour. The green foam crocodiles were a lovely sour mango flavour, which is rare for me to say because I usually don't like mango (as in the fruit, I suppose). The yellow and purple cola bottle shapes were a tangy natural sour watermelon flavour. The purple foam crocodiles were a grapefruit flavour which was the most sour flavour in the bag. The pink foam crocodiles were a luscious sour passion fruit flavour, that was probably the least sour of the flavours, but still lip-smackingly tasty. All in all I really enjoyed this bag of sours from Haribo. So much so that I begged Cinabar to buy me another couple of bags when she next went to the store.

Information on the bag;

220g bag has 346 calories per 100g, with less than 0.5g of fat and 50g of sugar. Ingredients include no artificial colours, have real fruit juice and can be seen in the photograph below.

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