18 June 2015

Jack Link's Beef Snack [by @NLi10]

I was looking for a bridging snack to get me from breakfast to a large, late lunch and spotted this hanging on the side in Tesco.

It's mainly beef, with sugar and soy to add to it with a few other assorted ingredients added in for flavour.

They take 142g of beef and make it into 100g of snack which means that you lose a lot of the moisture (and presumably fat) in the manufacturing process and are left with a flat strip of meat.

It wasn't as tough as I expected, and the flavour was actually much milder than the usual sausage based snacks like Pepperami that I've had before.  I didn't find it all that filling really either, especially not compared to the little bag of pre-cooked meat bits that I've had.

A bit of a disappointment then - edible but not that exciting. I'll probably go back to the Fridge Raiders style popcorn chicken snacks in future,

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