22 June 2015

New Jaffa Cake Flavour Spread (Asda) [By @cinabar]

I was alerted to this new product by a colleague from work. I've tried quite a few interesting spreads recently, several of which have been biscuit flavoured spreads so this sounded rather good to me. I even made a special trip to Asda to find it. I don't write that much about Asda goodies, I actually really like the selection of items in the shop but I have several other big supermarkets nearer so Asda always ends up being a special trip.
Anyway I found a few interesting Foodstuff Finds during my visit so keep your eyes open, and I did manage to find the Jaffa Cake Spread too. I decided to try it out on a bagel, and have a naughty sweet breakfast food.

Once the lid (and tricky to remove foil seal) were off the jar there was a lovely aroma of chocolate orange, and I could see how pretty the spread was. It was patterned in swirls of orange and chocolate flavour spreads. Yes it looked pretty, but I soon realised something was missing, if there were two spreads mixed in, one being just orange and the other just chocolate, where was my cake/biscuit flavour coming from? Well it wasn't. This is chocolate orange spread. Now if my work colleague had told me about a new chocolate orange spread in Asda, I wouldn't have made the trip, I've tried them before. This was supposed to be special, this was supposed to be Jaffa Cake, I wanted that spongey biscuit taste mixed in, but it wasn't.
Now if I was reviewing this on the taste alone, this would be getting the big thumbs up. Melted into a hot bagel, it was divine. The chocolate and the orange melted into one, and gave a lovely sweet zesty chocolate flavour that was gorgeous. The citrus lifted the chocolate and I really enjoyed the taste. I'm looking forward to finishing the jar. However the minute they started calling this Jaffa Cake and failed to mention it was without the cake, they started to fall into the realms of being misleading. I just felt a bit let down, like they hadn't gone the extra mile with product development.
By Cinabar


Something to look forward to said...

I've recently tried this too and couldn't agree more. Sure, it's nice, but it's not jaffa cake. And it's not as nice as the chocolate orange spread I tried from Aldi at Christmas either :(

Anonymous said...

Surely the clue is in the word 'flavour', if it had bits of cake in, it would be 'Jaffa Cake Spread' not 'Jaffa Cake Flavour spread'?

cinabar said...

Why mention Jaffa Cake at all? Why not just go for chocolate orange? Jaffa Cake Flavour still mentions the "cake" part and Chocolate Orange and Jaffa Cake shouldn't be interchangeable terms.

Anonymous said...

To draw people in such as yourself who wouldn't have been tempted by 'Chocolate Orange spread'? Anyway, great blog :)

Anonymous said...

they have taken ir off the shelves and i have a asd adhd child not very happy at all is there any news from asda if its going to return ????