2 June 2015

Mr Kipling New Chocolate & Vanilla Milkshake Slices (Ocado) [By @cinabar]

I can’t resist a new cake product from Mr Kipling, so was very pleased to see these arrive on my Ocado order. The idea for the cake flavour is a bit weird when you think about, a mix of two milkshake varieties. A chocolate milkshake is a diluted version of a chocolate flavour, so why would you want that as a focus for the flavour of a new cake? Again the other flavour isn’t vanilla but vanilla milkshake. Weirdly the packet also states that the cakes are “a source of calcium”, which I can’t help thinking is stranger too. I find it difficult to believe a cake should be seen a positive supplement for the diet when it rather obviously contains cakey treat ingredients such as sugar and fats. It seems a bit of a weird grey area to me.

Anyway the cake is striped with a layer of chocolate milkshake sponge, topped with a vanilla milkshake sponge and with a layer of fondant icing on top. I bit in and found the cake to be remarkably plain. Sweet yes, but lacking any significant brightness to the taste. I guess they took that whole diluted milkshake flavour very seriously and came up short of anything that excited me. I couldn’t really pick up on any cocoa at all. The texture was pleasant, but the cake sadly ordinary.
This is a bit of strange one from Mr Kipling and sadly not one I’d buy again. There are plenty of more stronger flavoured goodies from the brand which suite my taste buds better. These just weren’t memorable enough for me.
By Cinabar

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