23 June 2015

Shloer - Strawberry Punch [By @Cinabar]

As it is summer (someone let the weather know) Shloer have launched a new Limited Edition drink. This is Strawberry Punch which coincides perfectly with the start of British strawberry season, and the run up to Wimbledon, home of strawberries and cream.
I chilled the bottle in the fridge, and poured some out in glasses, adding ice cubes. I say “cubes” but they were actually ice cars, the photo doesn’t show them off too well, but we have a selection of novelty ice cubes in the Foodstuff Finds household!

The drink is pink in colour, and looked very summery, particularly after I added a straw. I took my first sip and thought it had a good balance of flavours. The predominant taste is strawberry as you would expect, but it tastes natural, and isn’t overly sweet. The aftertaste brings a mix of fruits, but a nice hit of the traditional Shloer grape flavour follows too. This is a soft drink, but it is for the mature taste buds. It has delicate crisp flavours, which are refreshing, but don’t taste like they are made with excessive sugar. It is fizzy, but more on the side of sparkling. This means that it is easy to drink, and makes for a very nice addition to the Shloer range. Perfect for barbecues or just enjoying on a sunny day in the garden.
By Cinabar

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