1 June 2015

The Cornflake Federation Ice Cream (@IceCreamUnion Ocado) [By @Cinabar]

Ever had one of those moments when you can’t decide whether you want a bowl of ice cream or a bowl of cereal? No me either to be honest. Somebody from the Ice Cream Union obviously did though. They made this ice cream, which is newly listed on the Ocado site and it combines the best of both. They call is The Cornflake Federation Ice Cream.
I actually browsed several of the Ice Cream Union’s ice cream flavours on the website but this one stood out as the one I had to try. Cornflake flavoured ice cream, how could I not? The Ice Cream Union make artisan ice cream and interesting sorbets too all using natural ingredients, and found in quirky tubs.

When it came to open the tub I found a pale cream coloured ice cream inside that did look rather like vanilla. It was about average on the easy-to-scoop scale. It wasn’t soft, but it wasn’t rock solid either (like some). With a bit of persuasion and gentle muscle the ice cream made its way into bowls.
The flavour was playful and immediately made me smile. Did you ever have cornflakes as a kid, add a heavy sprinkle of sugar on to them for extra sweetness and then poor on the cream from the silver-top milk? Heaven. Thats exactly what this tasted like, creamy, sweet and totally enriched with the flavour of cornflakes. It was such an amazing golden sweet wholesome taste, so clever and so very tasty. There were no crunchy bits though, but it was pure silky goodness, and an absolute pleasure to eat. I think cornflake might be the new vanilla, I can’t wait to scoop some of these into ice cream cornets!
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

It seems like a riff on the "cereal milk" creams, frosting, and ice cream they have done for ten years or so in the Milk Bar bakery, that's part of the famous Momofuku restaurant in New York. I've got recipes for them in their amazing cookery books, but don't own an ice cream maker. It's nice to see a company making this available nation wide without the hard work though!

Lisa said...

Sounds nice, although I can't imagine cornflake flavour without crunchy bits!