16 June 2015

Nong Shim Onion Rings Hot & Spicy (Vanguard Supermarket) [By @SpectreUK]

The Korean company Nong Shim make my favourite noodle pot, which is Nong Shim Hot & Spicy. I blogged about this noodle pot some time ago and always have a pot or two on the shelf for a treat. Most of my four regular import food haunts stock this favourite noodle pot, so when I’m in Birmingham I generally pick up a pot. You can imagine my excitement when I found these Nong Shim Onion Rings Hot & Spicy flavour. I love the imagery on the front of the packet as the cut onion turns into the onion rings. So I’m expecting a very heavy almost raw onion flavour from these onion rings with a chilli kick that makes me sweat like I’m eating my favourite hot & spicy noodle pot.

On opening the packet there was a wheaty smell not dissimilar to wheat crisps we have in the UK. You can see in the photograph that there were red flecks all over the onion rings, which had a healthy crunch on first bite. There was a heavy onion taste to start with that quickly mixed with sweetness and then a strong chilli flavour. This left my mouth with an all-round chilli burn that made my nose twitch and almost sneeze after a few onion rings. The aftertaste had a mix of onion and chilli that made me want to eat more. Partly through their moreish taste and partly because my mouth was on fire! These are easily the best onion ring crisps I’ve tasted. Full of onion flavour and with a chilli burn that made my nose hairs stand up and my mouth beg for water. Great stuff… A new regular to my shelf!

Information on the packet;
40g bag has 505 calories with 24.4g of fat, which is pretty high! Ingredients included; wheat flour, palm oil, wheat starch, potato, onion powder, sugar, salt, chilli, and vitamin B2.
By Spectre

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