28 June 2015

Tesco Pastries [by @NLi10]

Tesco have been upping their game on the pastry front recently. So here are a few we tried.

First up we have the normal generic croissant - but in a big black box!

The have Normandy butter! That famous ingredient... Irish butter maybe, but the word I most routinely put after  Normandy is probably invasion or landing. Also maybe William the Conquoreor.

These were nice but nothing special.

These looked a bit too chocolatey so instead we went for.

To the untrained shopper these are 50p more. We picked up an identical box in the whoops section for 75p in total. Win.

The pastry was as good as normal, but the caramel chocolate burnt bit was pretty good. Like almost brownie in texture. The flavour was lighter than expected, which was welcome as frequently it can be just too strong.

A nice alternative to the usual pain au chocolate, and even better if you find it in the discount rack! Great for eating in the cinema too.


Zeddy said...

"Great for eating in the cinema too."

Yes, the cleaners must love you...

claire said...

What's the relevance of Irish butter here?

Anonymous said...

@Claire: It's made by Marge O'Reen.