24 June 2015

Schweppes Lemon and Elderflower (Ocado) [By @SpectreUK]

Schweppes have brought out three new low calorie sparkling juice drinks for summer. I've noticed the change in the weather lately to slightly more humid with increased rain. At least it pleases the plants and the ducks! The other two flavours in the range are Grapefruit and Blood Orange, and Orange and Cranberry. This Lemon and Elderflower had a strong sour lemon zing to the smell when opening the bottle with a mild fruity hint of elderflower at the back of the odour. The drink had a cloudy lemonade look to it and a hearty carbonated fizz on pouring it into my waiting glass. The mix of bubbles and the cheeky sour lemon made this a drink to savour, especially over ice with even a slice of lemon. Not for the faint hearted if you want to challenge yourself to down it in one, as you might find you get the ultimate ice cream headache and the lemonade may spurt out of your nose! Once my tastebuds had climbed over the bitter hill of lemon I basked in the relaxing fruity elderflower. This a lovely sour refreshing drink that begs for a sunny summer afternoon in the garden. Fingers crossed we'll get the weather soon and enjoy!

Information on the bottle;

20 calories per 100ml. This sample bottle from Ocado was 275ml, but they usually come in 750ml bottles.
By Spectre

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